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Calvin Johnson, New Madden 2013 Cover Boy, Joins the Dan Patrick Show

April 26th, 2012 at 11:06 AM
By Max DeMara

Game breaking Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson started making the media rounds to talk about his selection as cover boy for Madden 2013 and other matters. He talked about the Lions' goals for 2012, his history with the Madden game, his lack of concern over the vaunted "Madden curse" that plagues cover athletes and his favorite wide receiver in the 2012 draft.

DP: You won the Madden cover and you beat out Cam Newton. Did you tease him a bit?

CJ: There's no need to talk trash after that. Cam's a little bigger than me I think!

DP: Do we protect the quarterback in this league too much?

CJ: I'm not even going to say we do because I don't want to lose my quarterback! They're valuable pieces, but there are times you see calls in games where you think "that's some bull." Like when someone touches their helmet with a finger or something and a foul is called.

DP: How tough is Ndamukong Suh in practice?

CJ: Oh man. I remember when he first came in and was dominating the starting line, I was like, this dude is a man child! He's incredible.

DP: Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd?

CJ: I don't like Notre Dame, and I like Blackmon, so I'll go with him.

DP: Did you play Madden growing up? Who was your team and favorite player?

CJ: I always played with the Steelers, because I wanted to have a great defense. I always liked Randy Moss, I played with Daunte Culpepper and Moss a lot, too.

DP: Should you be the top rated wide receiver in the Madden game? And who's got the better hands, you or Larry Fitzgerald?

CJ: Well, I think that should come with being on the cover. Oh man, Larry's got some fantastic hands. Until I make a one handed diving catch like he did, I'll stay with him.

DP: My main concern with you guys? Lack of a running game, How can they continue to go to you so many times without being able to run the ball?

CJ: Well, we got some nice pieces in the backfield with Jahvid Best, Kevin Smith and Leshoure, so it's just a matter of getting everybody healthy and consistent.

DP: Your expectations for the Lions this year is what?

CJ: The Superbowl. We've done some nice things, but we gotta go all the way and continue winning in the playoffs. That's the goal every year.

DP: I know the "Madden curse" always comes up this time of year. Any concerns over that?

CJ: Nah, the concerns didn't really come up. Being on the cover is going to help me do huge things for my foundation, and that was what I was excited most about.

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