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Jim Schwartz Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension

June 30th, 2012 at 12:12 PM
By Max DeMara

Not surprisingly, the Detroit Lions and head coach Jim Schwartz reached an agreement Sunday on a new multi year contract extension, which is fantastic news for the stability of the franchise.

Though terms of the agreement's length and financial details were not yet made available, it can logically be assumed that the Lions are taking good care of the one man who's been able to point things in a better direction with regards to NFL football in Michigan. After all, they should.

For the franchise and fans, this agreement marks an important step. In the past, there's always been questions about the commitment of good coaches and good players to Detroit, even after enjoying moderate success. Now, with Calvin Johnson's massive deal completed in March, young stars like Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh in the fold for the near future and Schwartz guaranteed to at least spend another several seasons with the team, now, the sky truly is the limit.

In football, building a winner revolves mostly around building continuity. You've seen it done in Pittsburgh, New England, Indianapolis and New York recently .From season to season, very little changes dramatically. The head coach remains the same, the coordinators largely remain the same, and the team's two or three biggest stars all stay in one place. The key roster tweaking comes from other personnel spots, as role players enter into the fold. If there's the threat of important players leaving or others wanting to walk away, turmoil will always build, which leads to losing.

Fortunately, those days of instability and tumult are over in Detroit. Gone are the coaching carousel, incompetent players and frustrating roster instability. Now, the only thing left to worry about are details, such as can Schwartz clean up the recent bizarre rash of discipline problems, and can the Lions take the next step from good to great?

Now, at least fans will get to find out with a common leader and common star players. For far too long, the franchise was a rudderless ship, drifting further and further to sea without a strong, commandeering captain. With Martin Mayhew molding an excellent roster and Schwartz in the lead and planning on sticking around, there's no telling what amazing events might await Lions' football in the next few years ahead.

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