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Jim Schwartz Monday Press Conference Recap: Seahawks Edition

October 29th, 2012 at 4:07 PM
By Max DeMara

Jim Schwartz was back on a Monday afternoon, breaking down the ins and outs of yesterday's big comeback win against Seattle Seahawks, which saw his offense break through in a big way against a good defense. Schwartz singled out the contributions of many different players in the passing game, credited the defense for making big plays and updated some injury situations in the secondary.

Update On Louis Delmas, Who Left Yesterday's Game: "He had some tests today, he's day to day. He's sore. I don't know if I'd classify it as a re-injury, but it's the sore knee that's been bothering him between training camp and the season. He's a hard worker and we'll sort it out."

How Impressed Are You That The Defense Has Been Sucking It Up And Getting The Job Done? "I don't know if you get any gold stars or pats on the back for 24 points. We gave up some big plays and didn't play well, particularly early. I don't think sucking it up is allowing a 77 yard run or penalties that allow people to score. We are what we are. The object is to give up one less than we score. I thought our offense did well to pick up the defense yesterday afternoon."

Talk About Chris Houston's Game: "Chris has been a steady guy for us. He's matching receivers, did with Sidney Rice in this game, and he's done a good job to limit some explosive receivers."

Evaluate Ricardo Silva, Pressed Into Duty Yesterday: "He made a big play. When they tried to take a deep shot, he got it. He also recovered a fumble at the end. He had a few plays that he could do better on, but he played a very good game."

How Impressed Have You Been With The Secondary Given What's Happened: "They're coached here every day. That's the only thing that matters. I think certainly our secondary's been a patchwork from the very beginning. There's been a lot of different faces plugging in, but the object is to win."

On Yesterday's Unique Contributors On Offense: "We got contributions from a lot of people in the passing game. Pettigrew and Scheffler made a lot of big plays. Joique Bell made a huge play, that was third down and ten in the red zone. Broyles made a big play early in the game. That was a huge play in the game, so I wouldn't want to underestimate his contributions. We're at our best when we're getting a lot of contributions."

Calvin Johnson's Injury And Play: "It's the same as everyone else on the team. He's playing through it. He didn't practice through a few days last week. It's the middle of an NFL season. Everyone is going through stuff. We've got confidence in him to get it done. They did a good job of rolling to him, but the biggest thing is scoring. Whether its Calvin or someone else, that's the only thing that matters. He has a tremendous impact on the game and it's always positive. That's a very tough defense. I thought we had our best offensive performance of the year."

Advice For Calvin? "Just keep doing what he does. We need the same out of him as out of everybody. Work hard during the week and on Sunday."

Is The Return Game Killing Field Position? "You know, I think kickoff returns are more about smart decisions. That's as important as being aggressive. You can also hurt yourself on special teams and I think we did that last week. I think its all about making good decisions. If you make good decisions and do a good job blocking, good things will happen. If you try to do too much, bad things will happen."

On Yesterday's Early Penalty Issues: "We were just trying to get a jump and get an edge. It had nothing to do with Willie (Young's) penalty. He has to be a yard off the ball and he was a yard off the ball. They called it. The officials are in a tough spot to be able to call that, but there are plenty in a game that are judgment calls and we have to live with it. That was three points, but you see in this game how three points was a big deal."

What Did Seattle Do So Well To Move The Ball On Offense? "They came out and threw quick, or bootleg, or did max protecting. They tried to do that to limit the impact. It was a mixed bag there, but we held our own there I guess you'd say. They made a lot of big plays down the field. Thir quarterback is mobile and he did a good job getting away. They weren't able to consistently move the ball using those plays and I thought that added deference to our defense."

Injury Updates On Jacob Lacey And Amari Speivey: "We'll get Lacey on the practice field this week. It's a little to early to say on Spivey, he's got some hurdles to clear, these guys are both on the path to getting back, though."

Is There More Calls You're Making And Fielding This Year As A Result Of The Trade Deadline? "I think that it's more this year than year's past because it got moved back. There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about ways to improve our team. Martin (Mayhew) has been consistent in saying there's no finish line to improve our team, and we're always looking for ways to improve."

Do The Injury Problems In The Secondary Make A Move Easier There? "We already talked about getting some guys getting back eventually. Drayon Florence is on a good path even though he won't be back this week, we talked about Lacey and Spievey, so those guys are doing well."

How Important Was Converting On Third Down Yesterday? "You can't keep drives alive if you don't convert on third down, especially against a good defense. We converted 12 yesterday of 16, and that is a lot. If you're gonna keep drives alive and go long distances, you are going to have to convert third downs. I thought our quarterback did a great job in those situations and our offensive line did, too."

On Red Zone Scoring Rebounds: "We've had too many non-scores down there and yesterday, we did a good job of executing and getting those in."

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on his personal Twitter account @SportsGuyTheMax or on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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