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Jim Schwartz Monday Press Conference Recap: Colts Edition

December 3rd, 2012 at 3:55 PM
By Max DeMara

With a normal week's schedule back on the docket, Jim Schwartz returned to addressing the media on a Monday afternoon, and he brought some more unfortunate injury news in addition to a Titus Young update in the wake of the Detroit Lions' third late collapse in a row on Sunday afternoon to the Indianapolis Colts.

Regardless of how bad the Lions have looked lately, Schwartz seems content to surmise the team is still one play away from winning all three games despite the repeated inability to get the job done. The coach also addressed more allegations with regard to Ndamukong Suh, disagreed with the notion that his team had a complacent attitude to start the season and discussed the nuances of play calling.

Update On Ryan Broyles: "Unfortunately, Ryan Broyles tore his ACL in the game. It is the opposite knee he tore in college and he'll have surgery, so we look forward to getting him back next year. Plenty of NFL players have torn ACL's on both knees and made full recoveries like Brandon Pettigrew and Frank Gore. Ryan's a real hard working player."

So What's Next At Receiver? Is Titus Young Out Of The Mix? "We'll need to make roster additions for sure, so we'll look at that in the coming days. Titus will not be a part of that. Titus will not be a part of the wide receiver mix and he is not with the team right now. I can't predict what the future will hold, and if things change, I'll let you know."

More On Young's Insubordination: "I'm a big believer in second chances. We all hold out hope that guys can do that. But, you need to make the most of opportunities you have. I think in this case, that didn't happen."

Was There An Extreme Letdown On The Game's Final Play? "I think that if anything, it was opposite. Guys tried to do too much on the touchdown pass we gave up. We were trying to make a play and players were trying to defend routes which weren't theirs in coverage. We had seven three and outs in this game, we had hits on the quarterback, we had interceptions, we had dropped interceptions, so there were good things. The last three weeks, we have not responded well late in the game. We need to respond better. On offense, we had a chance to make a couple plays and didn't. Nick (Harris) saved his worst punt for the end."

What's The "Trend" In These Three Losses? "The trend is, recently, they have occurred near the end of the game. Our inability to put the game away late has hurt us. We need to be able to finish better. Guys are in position and we have good enough players to do it."

Is There Still A Learning Curve With Finishing Games? "I don't know that there's learning, we have a lot of guys who are veteran players. It's just a matter of getting it done. We have to make the plays we need to win."

Did The Lions Choke The Last Three Weeks? "I don't know if that's how to look at it. We didn't make the plays at the end, and that's for sure. There's some teams that get blown out early, some teams that let things get away late after coming back. There's no doubt we can beat anybody, there's no doubt. We just have to get it done. Earlier this season, we have beaten Seattle and Philadelphia on the last play. This month, we haven't done it."

Did Ndamukong Suh Taunt Injured Colts Lineman Winston Justice? "We made an interception and guys were looking to make blocks, guys made blocks, so guys were rightfully excited. We're excited about it. I don't think anybody is reveling in anyone being injured or anything like that."

How Does A Good Team Get Off Track? Was There A Comfort Level Or Complacency Heading Into This Season? "I don't think there was any comfort level, you earn your spot every year in this league. We had some unfortunate situations with injuries. We're not taking a step back, we're just off track. It's all part of life in the NFL. This team goes hard to work every week, and we need to make one more play. When we do, we'll be victorious."

With This Season Slipping Away, Are Guys Playing For Jobs? "Well, that's the NFL in general. The best players in this league play accordingly. The best players have that attitude all the time, and we're looking for those guys. There's opportunities for those players and this franchise."

What's The Message After This Latest Loss? "It's no different than any other week. You could look at it a different way and say hey, you're one play away. I think regardless of the situations, we need to be able to make one more play. Whether it's offense, defense, special teams. Of our four wins, we're three plays away from losing those games. You need to keep your eye on that. You need to stay at it, because it's the NFL. The teams that do are the teams that win. I'm proud of the team's effort and I'm proud we've been in games. Obviously, that's not the only goal here."

Does A Season Like This Lead To Self Evaluation? "I think you always have long range plans and goals and you have short term. Our long term stuff isn't effected by injuries. There's always adjustments from week to week. There's long term goals and a lot of short term things you need to be able to do to win the game that week. We're still confident in what we do, the players we put in place. We've had some times we've been inconsistent, and that has to do with the timing of the game. We need to be more consistent and when we are, we'll win."

Did The Late Offensive Play Calling Lose The Game? "Hindsight, everything looks better. If we run it and get a first down, game's over. If we throw it and get a first down, game's over. If we throw it and don't get anything, you give them more time. I think we gave ourselves the opportunity to get a first down and didn't do it. In every game there's things you look at, the bottom line is, it has to work."

Did Jeff Backus Starting Speak To How The Staff Truly Feels About Riley Reiff's Development? "Jeff's the starter. RIley did a good job when he was in there, but it wasn't an issue of Riley supplanting him. Jeff's experienced. Jeff's body of work is valuable to this team and it was valuable in this game. We don't have a rule that your spot stays if you get hurt, we just go with what's best for our team. We thought it was best for Jeff to be out there."

Do You Insert Yourself Into Play Calling? "I've been a play caller before, so I don't like to distract that during a series. I do it in between a series. I'll make suggestions like hey, maybe we think of this or, hey let's do that. That input is also during the week. Coaches need to be able to focus on calling plays within a game, and I try to respect that also."

Is Kassim Osgood A Capable Receiver? "His primary role is special teams. He's played receiver at times, so it's something he can do, but we use him mostly for special teams."

Analyze The Secondary Play Recently: "We did better with it earlier in the year. I think we've given up a lot more big plays lately. I'm not sure of the exact stat, but in this last game, we gave up six plays of 20 of more yards and through the first eight, I think it was close to 14 total. We did a lot of good things in this game, but we also made plenty of mistakes. That's something we're not happy with."

Are Injuries An Excuse For The Letdowns? "Whatever happens, you need to plug it in and go to the next guy. Things happen. Louis Delmas has struggled since the beginning of training camp. You have to be able to adjust. At times we have done good with that, but at other times, we haven't."

On The Play Of Louis Delmas: "Anyone who saw the game knew we were taking him in and out. Louis has been a warrior throughout this whole thing. But, there was only a certain number of plays he has in him. When he's out there, he has an impact. Unfortunately, he had a crucial missed tackle. Certainly, we're a better defense when he's out on the field."

What Did You See On The Game's Final Play? Did Players Let Up? "Looking at the coaches cut, I don't think anyone had any let up on that play. We protected the end zone and somehow let the quarterback escape. We were plastering receivers, and we didn't react as quickly when he left the pocket."

Was This Suh's Best Game? "I mean, stats are stats. I think he has played consistent throughout the year. He made tackles, he was around the quarterback all day. Whether he's doing that or setting someone else up, he's making an impact on the game."

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on his personal Twitter account @SportsGuyTheMax or on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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