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How the Detroit Lions Rate: Rounding up Week Fourteen’s NFL Power Rankings

December 14th, 2012 at 12:44 PM
By Max DeMara

When last we checked in with the national media, the Detroit Lions were plummeting in the power rankings, careening into the high 20's thanks to plenty of blown leads. Following yet another defeat—their fifth in a row—Detroit is officially in the cellar this week, and even drops to 28th on one cynical writer's ledger.

ESPN: 25. Last Week: 21st. Dan Graziano sums up the feelings of plenty Lions' fans as he laments that 2011 sure was fun. Yes, it sure was. Now, like Graziano also says, it's all about 2013. The new year can't come soon enough for Detroit football and their frustrated fans.

CBS Sports: 25. Last Week: 24th. Pete Prisco is spot on this week despite stating the obvious. He says this year has to be considered a major disappointment for the Lions (it is) and that not even Calvin Johnson can save things (he can't). Now, all that's left to see is if Johnson can shatter the NFL receiving record.

Fox Sports: 23. Last Week: 22nd. All season long, Brian Billick has delighted readers with great insight and statistics. This week, he puts the Lions' sad loss in Green Bay into perspective. The Lions held the ball longer, converted more third downs, had more first downs and more yardage than the Packers, yet still lost. Yep, with things like that going on, 2012 sure has been tough to deal with.

Pro Football Talk: 28. Mike Florio is a bit rougher than needed on the Lions this week. He not only has the team ranked at a ridiculous 28th, he bashes them by saying if all you're playing for is to get Johnson the receiving record, you might be a crappy team. Crappy as they might be, getting a player a record not touched in 17 years is still nothing to sneeze at.

Sports Illustrated: 24. Last Week: 24th. Don Banks is one of the best in the business because he opens fans' minds to things they might not have considered before. Like Banks mentions this week, the 4-9 match up between the Cardinals and Lions is interesting for a major reason: what might Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, two stars on struggling teams, say to each other on the field? If only we could find out, Don.

The Rundown:

Highest Rank: 23rd.

Lowest Rank: 28th.

Their Overall Consensus? The Lions are officially all about 2013 after blowing another game and bottoming out. They've officially found every way to lose in 2012, including statistically dominating their opponents in the process. Now, all there's left to play for is seeing if Calvin Johnson can break the season record for receiving yards, which can apparently be considered pathetic in some circles.

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on his personal Twitter account @SportsGuyTheMax or on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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