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For the Lions, resting T.J. Lang could be a choice of pass over run

August 11th, 2017 at 9:15 AM
By Sports Media 101

Note: This is an opinion piece by’s Nate Atkins.

ALLEN PARK — The prized free-agent right guard started to sit and sit and sit, and the people started to worry a little. They’ve been through this before.

The Detroit Lions keep saying they’re being prudent with T.J. Lang, but one day of rest turned into two turned into three out of four wrapped around a mock game of touch football at Ford Field. Now, he’s out again for the first day of joint practices between the Lions and the Indianapolis Colts.

At some point, the words of the team describing the injuries start to all sound the same. DeAndre Levy’s meniscus was a day-to-day injury until it required surgery and his slow exit from¬†Detroit began.

But if the Lions have a player whose background suggests he’s going to speak earnestly about how he feels, it might be the prized free-agent guard. After Lang played 15 plays in Saturday’s mock game, he said the training staff has been meticulous in planning out a rest schedule for all of training camp.¬†It’s a way to manage the hip he had surgically repaired in January, as well as the aches that can come to a 29-year-old offensive lineman with a history of offseason touch-ups.

The Lions learned about the fickle element of health up front when Taylor Decker went down with a torn labrum in the offseason …

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